Doro Sensen's Clipart II: Simple Vectors Tutorial

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Homework for Doro Sensen's Clipart II: Simple Vectors Tutorial

October 12, 2003

Creating the clipart sun following the tutorial.

Creating the clipart sun sort of following the tutorial. The tutorial was written for PSP 7 and I am using PSP 8, so I took this opportunity to try out the vectors. Lot of new learning going on here! And the best part is that there are no bezier curves to worry with.

Creating a clipart rooster.

Worked on trying to use the vector tools in PSP 8 to create a my own rooster using preset shapes and freehand drawing. Made my own gradients to color parts of the rooster.

NOTE: The background on this page was created by me. Feel free to right click and save it if you like it!

Ribbon for checked homework

Here is my ribbon - Thanks Barb!

Here is my Extra Effort Award - I really appreciate this SpiritWings! Thanks!

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