Jaci's Liquid Metal Text Tutorial

Find the Liquid Metal Text Tutorial here.


Homework for November 23, 2003

Merry Christmas following the tutorial.

This one was made following the tutorial except for changing the text.

Changed font to Baskerville Old Face.

Followed the tutorial but changed the font to Baskerville Old Face.

Changed the Font to Edwardian Script.

Changed the font to Edwardian Script. I am looking for a nice look for Christmas activities.

Edwardian Script with a change of colors on a background

Still using the Edwardian Script I changed the font color to red. Added a background of a Pine Pattern by Noelle ( get it here.) and then a border made following the liquid metal tut.

Liquid Metal on Arial MT Bold.

Started with Arial MT Bold Font size 55, and followed the tutorial as far as the curves. Added a couple of nodes and played with their settings till I liked the look. Using the same Pine Pattern by Noelle behind the letters I went to EC 4000/Jiggle and used the setting Brownian Motion/Bubbles 3.00/Warp Amount 30.00/Twist 75. Then added another layer underneath that and selecting a color from the background flood filled with that solid color. After merging those two lawers I went to Colorize and changed the color to red. Made a green border the same way. For better instructions on making your own tinsel go to Noelle's Tutorial How to create Gold, Silver and Colored Tinsel.

NOTE: The background on this page was created by me. Feel free to right click and save it if you like it!

Ribbon for checked homework

Here is my ribbon - Thanks SpiritWings!

Here is my Extra Effort Award - I really appreciate this SpiritWings! Thanks!

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