Vector Valentine

January 26, 2002

The assignment can be found here.
You can find the tutorial for this class here.
You can find the download for the class here.

Part 1 of vector valentine tutorial

This is the card I made in class. I had a really hard time getting the text to line up without getting all jumbled up. Let me tell you, that the step where you are supposed to "Take your time and click on each Node and move to smooth out the line" is the most important step in this process! LOL

Vector box holding a heart

Put the heart in a vector box filled with glass from Spectrum Glass. Had less trouble with the text this time, having learned my lesson from the class tutorial.

Vector Valentine filled with gold

This time I filled my heart with gold that I learned from a Community Activity tutorial.

Polish Dancers

These Polish Dancers are made entirely from vector shapes. Then I made selections of all the parts. I have written a tutorial for these dancers for a project for the Community Activities. You can find the tutorial here. It is a very easy tutorial, with no vectors!!!LOL

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