Retouch Tool - Clouds

May 4, 2002

The assignment can be found here.
You can find the tutorial for this class here.

Retouch - Clouds class example

These are the clouds I made in class. After I finished the tutorial I knew something was wrong. It was entirely too dark. It wasn't till the next day that I noticed that I have messed up my gradient somehow and it was mixing blue and black.

Retouch - Clouds  example 2

After fixing the gradient I did the tutorial again.

Retouch - Clouds example 3

Then I decided to try a sunset. Created my own gradient and played around with various effects, including illumination. I think I played too much, as a lot of the colors are muddier that I would like, but I did learn a great deal about the retouch tool.

Retouch - Clouds example 4

For this one I tried to get the white on the clouds more intense.

Retouch - Clouds example 5

For this one I changed the colors in the gradient to add more sky colors, and also tried to make one of those neat piled up clouds.

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