Graham's Popping Sphere Animation

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Homework for Popping Sphere Animation

October 26, 2002

Class example

Class example following tutorial

Animated sun with sunburst effect

Here is my first attempt. Chose the sun preset and placed it on a separate layer from the background. This allowed me to use the image/rotate/ panel. Settings right/free/10. Increase each frame by 10. Keep going till you reach 100. Then I made a copy of each frame and added the sunburst also in increments of 10. Placed the writing on the final white washout. Pretty much followed all the steps of the tutorial just using the sun shape instead of the sphere.

Animated growing star explosion

Started with the can shape, and added a growing sparkle fire tube from Jasc. After it got to full size I then added the sunburst effect. Basically just like the tutorial.

NOTE: The background on this page was created from a neat tutorial by Tape called Feather Pattern Tutorial

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