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Homework for Fran's How to Glitter Fonts

February 23, 2003

Class example from glitter provided with the tutorial.

This is the class example following the tutorial. I have used the text font Matisse ITC.

Animation of my sig tag for TalbotRose

For this example I combined two tutorials. A wonderful tutorial called Ommadawn Tag and Fran's Glitter font. When I went to Fran's site I did not find a color glitter that I liked for the tutorial, so I made my own. I tried to keep it a bit more subdued as I did not think the victorian rose looked good as a backdrop for a wild light show. *VBG* Had a little trouble lining up the letters on the curve so they would not bounce around in the animation, but finally got that straightened out. Found out that I had to make each color change on a separate layer to use the text on a curve tool.

Class example applied Rotate colors effect in AS

To the class example I applied the Image Effect rotate colors.

Animation of my sig tag for TalbotRose with rotate colors added in AS

For this example I used my TalbotRose sig tag and added some extra frames so that the colors had time to develop. There are 8 frames in this example. I again used the Image Effect Rotate Colors in the AS.

NOTE: The background on this page was created by me. Feel free to right click and save it if you like it!

Special Award given to me by Kyla!

Here is my Special Award - I really appreciate this Kyla!

Ribbon for checked homework

Here is my ribbon - Thanks Kyla!

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