Doro's Cutout Plates

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Homework for Doro's Cutout Plates

December 6, 2002

Class example

Class example following tutorial.

Plate following tut but with my colors and designs

Plate following tutorial, but with my colors and designs.

Tried to make a bowl

I tried to make a bowl. Really went my own way with this one. Didn't do anything like the tutorial. LOL I had just decided to make a bowl and did what I had to do to make a bowl. Actually, I think this turned out more like a tutorial that I did awhile ago by MMDM. Sorry Melisa, now that I look at it, I think it is almost exactly like your tut. I guess I remembered more of it than I thought. LOL I thought I was making this up!

Punched Tin Hutch with plates and dishes

The hutch is from a tutorial by dizzinz. I made this August of 2001, and am not sure if it is still available.

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