Chinese Coloring Pages

January 26, 2001

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Click on the individual picture to download only that picture.

The pictures below are thumbnails, the full size is noted below each picture.

Arabian Horse

Nice arabian horse picture for the Year of the Horse
(360 x 256)

Chinese Horse Character

Chinese character for Horse
(45 x 47)

Fan with picture of a dragon

A Chinese fan with a picture of a dragon
(838 x 620)

Chinese Dragon

Beautiful dragon picture
(522 x 686)

Chinese Lucky Goldfish

The Chinese consider the Goldfish to be lucky
(425 x 416)

Chinese Kitchen God

A Chinese Kitchen God
(560 x 964)

Happy New Year Characters

Traditional Chinese New Year Characters
(789 x 457)

Need help for coloring these? Check out my Coloring Book Tutorial for help. Even though it is written for a different picture, the steps are the same.

If you have questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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