Joyce's Color Car Tutorial

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Homework for Joyce's Color Car Tutorial

April 19, 2003

Original picture provided with tutorial

This is the original picture provided with the tutorial.

Class example from the tutorial.

This is the class example following the tutorial.

Original photo, black and white picture of a 1921 car.

This is an old family photo. Car owned by Mrs. Parlett (A family friend) in 1921.

Example version 4.

Here I have applied the techniques that Joyce taught us to the picture.

Original negative, black and white picture of a 1929 car.

For this one all I had was an old 1929 negative of a black and white picture. I put it on my scanner bed and tried it. Took the negative image and used Colors/NegativeImage then applied all the things Joyce has taught us. There was so much distortion on the top of the negative that the sky did not turn out very good. So I just erased it and added my own sky. The road is white Florida sand and did not need coloring, but I did have to clone out a lot of specks from the poor negative. I am displaying the negative at 50% of its original size.

Colored version of the negative picture of a 1929 car.

Here I have applied the techniques that Joyce taught us to the picture after preparing the scan to be worked on.

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Here is my Extra Effort Award - I really appreciate this Barb!

Ribbon for checked homework

Here is my ribbon - Thanks Barb!

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