Joyce's Pencil-Sketch Techniques for Photo's

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Homework for Joyce's Pencil Technique on Photos

April 5, 2003

Class example from the tutorial.

These is the class example following the tutorial.

Example version 2.

Here is what it looked like by following Method 1

Example version 3.

This is the results of using Method 2

Example version 4.

Here we see what it looks like with Method 3

Example version 5.

Finally Method 4

My original photo.

This is my original photo that I am going to try out these techniques on.

My corrections to photo.

This is what I have done to it so far, using a combination of the methods presented. It seems that every picture is unique and needs its own solution. But, I am happy to have learned more about adjustment layers. This tutorial has taught me a great deal. Thank you, Joyce!

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