A Glass Topped Box

I have just joined the PSPUG and signed up for classes that will start in September. So, I decided to try some of the class assignments from June to see how it worked. I decided to try the Glass Top Box Lesson. After downloading the tutorial and reading it over the first thing I noticed was that it was written for users of PSP7 and I only have PSP6. So I knew I would have to make some adjustments. I followed all the instructions I could and just winged it through the parts that I did not have. This is what resulted.

Glass Topped Box

Then I reached the part of the tutorial where you are supposed to put something in the box. The only thing I had on hand was a flower that I had worked on to turn into a tube. The tube version that I had was too small for the box, so I went to my original picture and copied and pasted it as a transparent layer. This worked, but since the flower was pink it did not look very good with the pink background. So I changed the color of the background. This was the result.

Glass Topped Box

I wanted to try this technique with an oval shape. Ran into all sorts of problems. There are just too many things I don't know how to do yet. Anyway, this sort of wound up being just a framed picture with a glass over the picture and a shadow to give it depth.Here it is.

Glass Topped Box

Next I tried an octagon shaped box. I used the preset tools to draw the shape. Had a bit of trouble with the corners of the silk layer until I remembered about the magic wand. Then I just clicked it in a corner and then deleted. When I finished the box I noticed that the magic wand had not gotten as close to the box as I would like so I went to the silk layer and used the eraser around the edges to tidy it up.

Glass Topped Box with butterfly

This time I made the whole box without referring to the tutorial except for how to make the shadow in the box. I had forgotten how to do that. Also, this time I made the frame first. Then when I made the silk layer I used the magic wand to select the area inside the frame. Then I used Selections||Modify||expand (10 pixels) to make sure it left no gaps. This worked to keep from having to get rid of all the corners.

Jade Frame Glass Topped Box with autumn leaves

For this box I started by creating some jewel tubes from some pictures I had. Then I made the piece of jewelry using the tube as the center and embellishment on the leaves. Using the sculpture setting for gold and the texture setting for stucco I created a leaf and using the deformation tool and the mover tool copied and pasted as a new layer all the other petals. Did a freehand drawing on one of the petals with the drawing tool then used the sculpture setting to make it gold. Did the copy and paste as a new layer for all the other leaves using the deformation tool to turn them the right direction, and the mover tool to position them. Then I also made the stem the same way. When I started this I was just going to see if I could create a piece of jewelry. But I liked it so well that I decided to make a gold display box for it. When I finished the box it did not look quite as glassy as I would like, so I added a bit of texture to the black background and that seemed to help. I am actually getting pretty good with boxes now.

Gold Frame Glass Topped Box with a gold flower embellished with jewels.

Got carried away making gem tubes. Decided to show them all off in the jewel box.

Gold Frame Glass Topped Box with my jewel collection.

This is a wonderful tutorial. I can't believe I have learned so many new things in such a short time.

If you would like to try this tutorial Click here

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