Calendar - part II

This lesson is in two parts. This is the homework assignment for Part 2 of the Calendar lesson: Your assignment this week is to display your October image of the calendar as completed in class. The second part of your homework is to create the Calendar wallpaper included in the tutorial and use it as the background on your homework page. Remember to describe how you created each of your own images; this gives us the opportunity to learn from each other.

Downloads for the lesson :

Note: The file "Calendar_dates_v6.psp is to be used for PSP 7 users also. It is the same file just different name. ;o)

Calendar dates in an American format-by Old Dog Instructions for changing the color of the download is given here.

PSP 6 users should have Mac'c Page Curl I filter installed into their plug-ins folder for this part of the tutorial. Download that: HERE

The tutorial can be found Here

October week 2 award ribbon from MaggieA1

Thanks MaggieA1.

Image of a calendar from class
This is the image of a calendar that I did in class.

Image of a calendar variation 2

I did this calendar right after class. Since I had installed Mac's Page Curl by accident, I wanted to see what the difference in the two page curls were. I had no particular trouble using either one. However, the version of Mac's Page Curl that I received does not have any numbers on the sliders. You just have to play around with it till you get it to look right.

If you have questions or comments, please E-mail me.

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